A History of Excellence

Testing a Car Repair - Quality Service in Costa Mesa, CA
Mercedes Repair by Maurice is committed to ensuring every customer is 100% satisfied with their service. We've made it our mission for the past 40 years to provide exceptional service that will keep your vehicle running in superb condition. Maurice's is devoted to exemplifying excellence from our customer service to the work performed. You can be sure that your vehicle will be in optimal condition when you come to Mercedes Repair by Maurice.

The Road to Excellence

Maurice founded his Mercedes-Benz business in 1979. Maurice's love and belief in the standard of Mercedes led him to open Mercedes Repair by Maurice. It has been his goal to deliver exceptional service.
When you drive your Mercedes-Benz, you made an investment. You want to make sure that your car is in optimal condition, is running smoothly and has routine maintenance. Please allow us to assist with that.
Don't trust just anyone, experience the difference with the trusted at Mercedes Repair by Maurice! Schedule an appointment with us by calling (949) 645-0600.