Steering and Suspensions

Safe and Smooth Ride

Bumpy, shaky, jerky—the type of ride you may experience if you have a faulty steering and suspension systems.

Our Steering and Suspension Services

During our testing, we examine your vehicle’s tires as well as your shock and/or strut system to rule out shock or strut damage. Other affected parts that we may examine include coil springs, chassis components, and wheel bearings, among others.

Regular upkeep on these systems prevent wear and tear on struts, shocks, and steering.

You may have a faulty steering and suspension system if you notice:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Off-center steering or a vibrating steering wheel
  • Wheel feeling loose or shaking
  • Vehicle being pulled to either side while driving
  • Vehicle bouncing for no reason
  • Noises when driving over bumps

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